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*Grand opening of new facilities/units 

 * Marketing of the institution’s service offerings as well as their admitting doctors 

 * Practice establishment of new doctors

 * Practice development of existing and new doctors 

* CPD functions as per identified needs 

*Design and production of appropriate printed marketing materials

 * Market research and monitoring of position in the market regarding capacity as well as customer      service 

 * Staff training in customer service 

 * Social media marketing 

 * Brand activation campaigns


*Introductory notifications to the applicable facilities in the area 

*Practice establishment

 * Practice development 

*CPD functions and symposiums 

* Design and print marketing materials
* Market research and monitoring 

* Customer service evaluation 

* Staff training in customer service 

* Social media marketing 

* Community engagement programs

Staff training in customer service

Soft skills will help your employees better communicate with customers. For any customer service team, it is imperative to indulge in programs that only strengthen their technical skills, but also enhances their soft skills, especially communication. The better teams are able to communicate with the customer, the more satisfied is the client at the end of the process.

Incorporating soft skills building programs in the training curriculum shows that the organization is not just focused on making sales but is willing to invest in giving great customer service.

Overall Evaluation

Generate leads and raise awareness with social media advertising. Target audiences by job title, function, industry, company, education, interests, and more.

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